Plenty of you will remember last year's superb Breathing Room which occupied a unit in thecentre:mk as part of the Festival Fringe.

The paper installation was created using discarded, donated paper – from office waste to school reports and personal notes.

It took six months of hard work to complete the beautiful installation, but dismantling was an altogether quicker process, and the paper was sent for recycling.

Since then, the Glaswegian born, MK-based lady responsible for that has been suitably absorbed – whether by re-wrapping lamp-posts or colouring up an underpass or two with an intriguing paper trail.

Recently, Anna Berry has been in residency in Fljotstunga in Iceland where she created Fragile Viking, (above).

The work is a mass of paper boats placed in lava fields and ice caves, or as Anna calls them 'absurd locations.'

FragileViking 1

The finished work is currently being exhibited in Iceland.

Anna's talents were also utilised here in MK, with the piece Spooky Action at Proximity.

This is a piece about the phenomenon of quantum entanglement, which I hope will be the first of many physics-inspired projects,” Anna says.

It came about because of the central concerns of my art practice overall is the way our cognition creates reality. I discovered that this dovetails very beautifully with the idea from quantum mechanics that we force something to be determinate by measuring it.”

The rest of the year looks like being a flurry of paper-driven activity too, and among projects coming to fruition will be an exhibition in Orlando in the Autumn.