Art inspired by Milton Keynes, exhibited for #MK50

Helen Taylor’s latest solo exhibition is currently being hosted at The Church of Christ the Cornerstone, through to 17th September.

“I am showing prints I have made about the landscape of Milton Keynes to celebrate the 50th anniversary of our ‘new’ town," she says.
"I am also exhibiting my flower prints to tie in with the Flower Festival which is also to celebrate MK’s 50th."

Helen has worked in Milton Keynes as a community artist, adult education tutor and workshop leader, and then, most recently as director of MK Arts for Health the arts charity based in Milton Keynes Hospital.

Her main interest and inspiration in art has always been the natural world and living forms.

"I am especially interested in trees and plants. I usually work in printmaking, ranging from etching to relief on woodblock and Lino.
"Recently I have been working on prints relating to MK, it's landscape and secret unexpected places, alongside the work I continue to make about plants and flowers.'

I am currently working mainly with relief prints, this lets me make large scale, colourful more blocky images than say etching for example, this style suits the images I'm making right now which are landscapes mainly but also flowers and pretty much anything I see that inspires me.

She finds inspiration everywhere: "I get out and about around my area as much as I can and find the landscape of MK really inspiring, particularly the contrast between the quite urban layout with the fantastic parks, trees and open spaces.

"I recently visited MK museum and was really fascinated by some of their exhibits so I’ve been making some prints inspired by my visit, so watch out for those later in the year...."

The Private View is next  Saturday (September 16, 4-7pm) and all are welcome.  Helen will also be at the exhibition on Wednesday afternoons, 1-4.

For more on her work click here


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