Music and poetry collective Poet Tree Alliance have lent a creative hand in support of next week's ProperStock! music festival. ProperStock! - being held at Bradwell Abbey on Saturday, July 19 - is a mighty swell affair with dozens of bands and artists appearing across multiple-stages throughout the day. Putting on such a major event costs hard cash, of course, and fundraising has been ongoing in a bid to make the bash a brilliant one. Artists from the Poet Tree Alliance - in association with DME (Disaster May Erupt) - have donated canvasses which are being sold off in support of the event. Kamen Charlie Scowen (artwork top, completed with Lilly Scowen), Kamen (artwork above), Christ the Artist and Rob Air are the creatives that have helped to make a real difference. "We really appreciate this support," aPoet Tree Alliance spokesman said, "It's things like this that make the scene carry on and grow...we owe these artists a great deal." > To contact the artists for commissions or gallery work, visit Poet Tree Alliance on Facebook, or drop an email to poettreealliance@gmail.comĀ