Exhibition: ‘Inferno, Purgatorio and Paradiso – after Dante’ at Stantonbury Theatre

Sally Luff never knew what she wanted to be when she grew up but always dabbled in creative and artistic pursuits and dabbled in a bit of everything.

She trained in Fashion and then studied English Literature/Drama and finally studied at CSSD to become a Theatre Director/Producer and currently runs Carabosse Theatre and Production CIC in Milton Keynes.

She also set up ‘Luffingly Designed’ which demonstrates her collage, decoupage skills and has built up quite a following and sells her wares locally.

With a background in art and design Sally has always created collages, drawings and paintings as part of her research work for theatrical productions.

It was with the encouragement of the brilliant Artist Shelly Wyn-de-Bank, who is is curating this show, that Sally now has her debut show of mixed media art works, paintings, drawings and collage art at Stantonbury Gallery.

A trip to Florence and then an incubation period mulling over the imagery and spectacle has manifested itself in a combination of mixed media work for this debut show, ‘Inferno, Purgatorio and Paradiso – after Dante.’

The subject is so vast that this barely touches the sides and no doubt more work will emerge at a later date, but the premise was to pastiche Dante’s Divine Comedy by using some of his more conventional imagery of Hell, Purgatory and Heaven and mixing it with more historic and contemporary ideals.

How relevant is this allegoric poem to a modern audience? What is Heaven and what is Hell? Does Purgatory exist or are we actually living it?

What does it mean to you? Someone’s heaven is no doubt someone else’s hell.
The show is a visual stimulant and will prove a great work out for the grey matter too.

Admission is free and the event runs between April 3 and 23.