Meet the artist: Keith Maiden is coming to Milton Keynes this weekend

 Figurative artist, Keith Maiden, will be making a special appearance in Milton Keynes this week as he returns with his provocative new

collection, Materialism.

The artist will be visiting Castle Fine Art  located in centre:mk on Saturday (August 19) between 1pm and 4pm.
An exhibition of the works, which explore "the greed, superficiality and narcissism that rule our everyday lives", will then run for a further week.

Materialism is a continuation of Maiden's quest for transparency in society.
The collection of original artwork builds upon the themes established in Maiden's previous collection, If I Were The Devil. 

Both are influenced by a speech made by legendary broadcaster, Paul Harvey, which served as a form of social criticism, suggesting what the
devil might do in order to corrupt society.

After turning down the opportunity to attend art college in order to support his parents, Maiden began working as a shop fitter.
A chance
visit to a local printer to photocopy his sketches led to him being offered a job as a graphic designer. Following this, the artist worked as a designer for international retail brands.

A subsequent move from London to Shropshire saw Maiden pick up a pencil and sketchpad for the first time in 20 years.
He decided to sell his pieces at a local market, and word began to spread. Following this he was discovered by the UK's leading fine art publisher, Washington Green Fine Art, and joined its diverse portfolio of innovative contemporary artists.

Keith Maiden said: "I am not after perfection. I paint from the heart and strive for emotion and feeling in my work.

''I think the whole story behind the collection asks a lot of questions about the world today, especially the life and society of our own
"I am fully aware that Materialism will divide viewers so I'm looking forward to see how visitors to the gallery interpret my work.''_

Peter Viet-Lu, gallery manager at Castle Fine Art said: "With a collection that encourages such active participation
from its audience, it should come as no surprise that Keith enjoys a devoted collector base nationwide.
"We are excited to have him visit our gallery and explain the inspiration behind his latest works."
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