Milton Keynes Arts Week: Spotlight on Vitreus Art

Continuing our look at some of the creative talent taking part in Milton Keynes Arts Week, Total MK meets Vitreus Art...


Name: Vitreus Art, Owned by Jenny Timms and Mike Caddy (questions answered by Jenny).

Works in/media type(s) Stained Glass Art – both traditional leading and copper foil (otherwise known as the Tiffany method). Also Fused Glass and glass applique.

What fuels your creativity? Colour, I love bright colours that are all around us, we just need to open our eyes and see. As a species we look at things, but half the time we don’t really see. We need to open our eyes more and see the beauty that’s all around us all of the time.

The piece of work you have produced that you are most proud of, and why: I am proud of all the work that I have produced, as it shows the journey I am taking in the world of glass art. Every piece you make throws-up new challenges and to over come those is something to be proud of.

If you could invite three artists, living or dead, to create a masterpiece with, who would you choose and why?

In no particular order!!

  1. Jo Downs (Fused glass artist – alive and creating in Launceston, Devon) – a young artists, well, younger than me, who came out of university and took the fusing world by storm. I would love her energy.
  2. Julia Mills (Stained Glass Artist – alive and creating in Cornwall) – There is such clarity to her work.
  3. Lois Comfort Tiffany (alias no longer with us) his work will always be remembered for pushing boundaries with glass. I would choose Tiffany for his vision.


The plug:  Tell is what you'll be doing, showing or selling during MK Arts Week and who it will appeal to...

During MK Arts week Vitreus Art  will be demonstrating the traditional method of stained glass art  and the steps taken to making a finished peace of work using this method.

We will also demonstrate the copper foil method – this is used more for creating pictures in glass, more art than architecture.

You will be able to see the difference in the two methods and learn why you would use one method over another.


We will also demonstrate the art of glass fusing – taking clear glass and adding colour to it so once fired it becomes a piece of artwork!

We are also very proud to say that thanks to our customers and students (we teach the crafts too) that earlier this year we were award ‘Best Art Gallery in Northants’, - thanks to the Muddy Stilettos Awards.



Contact Vitreus art here

Vitreus Art

No. 4 Wakefield Country Courtyard,

Potterspury, Northants, NN12 7QX


Tel: 01327 810320