Muddy Hell! It's National Mudpack Day and Total MK is celebrating....

Our faces take the strain - and the grime - day in, day out, and our fragile facial skin refelcts our state of health.

Been burning the candle at both ends, or living of energy drinks and biccies?  

Your face doesn't keep secrets, and the realities present themselves as pesky problems - with spots and blemishes, and other nasties.

A little TLC every now and then is essential - and there's never a better time to extol the benefits of mud packs than today - National Mudpack Day!
Total MK dug in and slapped on the good stuff in our war against the bad side...


PUR Dirty Girl looks clean and tidy on the packaging, and if you let it loose on your face it will work hard to unclog pores and exfoliate, with soothing botanicals and deep cleansing natural clays.

Importantly, it didn't dry out our skin either, which we hate.   We like this Dirty Girl.  A lot.

Pascalite - a unique form of calcium bentonite clay - is present in this Detoxifying Mudd Mask, and you can only find that in the Big Horn Mountains in Wyoming...and in this hard-working facial treat available instore at Marks & Spencer and online here


Let your hair (yep, you read that correctly) benefit from the contents of a tidy tub of SenSpa Lava Clay Hair & Scalp Masque.
It's a moisturising sensation driven by perfect properties including Abyssinian Oil, Lava Clay, Thai basil, and our favourite, Coconut Oil.

It's not just for the girls though - Total MK's chap about the office nabbed this for a try, and has been swishing his soft, fairly lengthy locks our way for the past couple of days since!
Get it instore and online here

Active Charcoal and Willowbark come together to make things Pore-Fectly Clear, so says the face mask from Good Things, and while not the most expensive reviewed here (it clocks in at under a fiver) it'll make a cracking little addition to your beauty kit.

The Active Charcoal is cleverly absorbant and acts like a sponge,  taking in many times its own mass of oil and dirt, which no-one wants lurking around on their face!

It's hard working, but not abrasive, and so this can be used as often as you like, and it's all done and dusted in only a few minutes.  We loved the smell too, and anything suitable for veggies and vegans, and free of animal testing is always going to win with us - there's a reason it's called Good Things...

Grab one here or from Boots instore or online.

Super Facialist's Anti-Blemish Pore Purifying Clay Mask is packed tightly with magnesium, calcium, potassium and iron and can be used twice weekly to refresh the skin.

It received a united thumbs from our two testers for its easy application, and the delicate fragrance was enticing and fresh.

Added Avocado and Vitamins A, D and E boost your skin and stop that yukky post-mask tightness from developing.  We took this away for an overnight stay, and it proved a wonderful companion!

Get it here or visit 


Last up on this muddy-fantastic day is Argan+ with its facial boost, the Argan + Lift & Renew Clay Mask which is a stirring meeting of Shea Butter (to hydrate and heal), Passionflower Oil, which is rich in essential fatty oils, and green clay which is perfect for those with oily or combination skin.  Used once weekly, it will ensure help you to glow on the outside with rejuvenated skin.

You'll find it exclusively at selected Waitrose stores or online  here


Problem skin is something to be faced up to, and with these mighty masks, the journey back to glowing, fresh, hydrated skin begins.

Use as directed and prepare to be flushed with success...