Android in La La Land: New film explores the man, the artist that is Gary Numan

At the end of the 1970s a nervy young musician topped the music charts...
He quickly became one of the most famous men on the planet...
Three decades of groundbreaking and hugely influential music would follow...
Then six long years of silence...Until now.

A new film, Android in La La Land makes it to the big screen on Tuesday night (September 13) and gives new access to Gary Numan.
Filmed with candour, actuality and humour, it explores love and second chances for Numan and his family as they set up home in Los Angeles. 

What will be the reaction to the release of his 24th album, Splinter, six years in the making? Can he do justice to a thriving US and European tour schedule as he takes Splinter on the road? 

And can he break into the hugely competitive movie soundtrack-scoring business?

With exclusive access to the Numan family as they unpack in California, the story unfolds at home, in the studio and on the road. It explores the many contradictions and misconceptions that have cropped up in the life of Gary Numan, with an emotional roller-coster of an ending  that reveals that the man behind the mask is human after all.

The work was directed and filmed by Steve Read, with Rob Alexander sharing the role of director and taking charge as producer. 

He told Total MK what he observed, and how he thinks Android in LA Land will swell Numan's alreadt considerable fan base....

"Desert road-trips, revealing insights on music-making, wild swimming, tears, serial killers, a big and constantly dribbling dog, amazing shows from LA to Manchester, chasing the tour bus from coast to coast…in the middle of it all, a rather extraordinary family and not so normal love story.
"Those are some of the memories that come back when I recall the four years that my co-director, Steve Read & I spent making Gary Numan: Android in La La Land. A documentary that follows the godfather of electronic music as he packs up his home in the UK and moves to Los Angeles to start a new life, while at the same time returning to studio for the first time in over six years.
"After being on the international festival circuit for the last six months, it’s a real delight to finally be screening the film to UK audiences. We were very lucky, Gary just seemed to want to talk, nothing was off limits, so Android shows a very intimate side to Numan, one that is very rare to see from any artist. We think it will surprise a few fans, and probably make Gary a few new ones along the way."

> Android in La La Land shows at Errol Flynn Filmhouse, Derngate,  Northampton from 5.15pm on September 13.
 The film will be followed by a director Q&A.
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