Meet the authors of 'Maker-Artists of Milton Keynes' in Olney

Authors of a new book which highlights the creative streak running through the new city of Milton Keynes will be signing copies in Olney's Oxfam book store this Saturday (April 8).

Those who feature in Maker-Artists of Milton Keynes have been chosen for the ways in which their use of the traditional materials of ceramics, wood, metal, glass and textiles 'beautifies the familiar matters of everyday,' to quote William Morris.

"With Milton Keynes' 50th anniversary in 2017 we thought it would be great to write a book which celebrates the many creative activities which are happening in Milton Keynes," said authors Linda Wilks and Ann Pegg.

"We decided to focus on exploring the making of three dimensional objects as it is a very inclusive branch of the arts, where participation can range from pushing boundaries with a highly skilled conceptual approach, to the satisfaction of making something unusual using fairly basic skills," they added.

Linda and Ann will be signing copies of Maker-Artists of Milton Keynes, which has been beautifully illustrated by photographer Brian Tomlinson, between 11am and 3pm on Saturday.

Have-a-go sessions of lacemaking and weaving will also feature in-store. Entry is free, with a donation for those craft activities.