CineSocial, the new Olney film club (in association with Independent Cinema Milton Keynes) presents its first screening, on June 28:

Birdman (Or the Unexpected Virtue Of Being Ignorant) 2014


Winner of the 2015 Academy Awards for: Best Picture, Best Director


Michael Keaton stars as a washed-up actor, previously a star of successful comic-book films. To increase his artistic credentials, he’s staging a self-written play. But his attempts to resurrect his career are thwarted by the cast and crew, including the brilliant but volatile method actor Mike Shiner (Edward Norton).


Winner of so many international film awards it's actually eye-straining to count them all (I got to 100 on the official IMDb list), Babel director Alejandro González Iñárritu hit the artistic big time with this account of the trials and tribulations of putting a play onto the Broadway stage.

Much has been written of the awesome, breathtaking cinematography in a film that cleverly looks like it was filmed in one continuous take without editing or breaks, but savour too the meticulous production design of the theatre and the minute pre-planning of the director and his crew that complement the camera as it swoops and runs through the front of house, backstage, dressing rooms and even the bar next door and onto Times Square.

Keaton and Norton are on explosive best form and their scenes together are the electric heart of the film, but the funniest, ripest dialogue goes hands-down to the women in the cast (Naomi Watts, Andrea Riseborough and Emma Stone).

It's probably too often said that there are films you need to see before you die -Birdman is absolutely one of them.

A little neglected on the mainstream release circuit, catch it at The Olney Rooms, MK46 4EF from 6:30pm on Sunday 28 June.

There will be a bar on the night and some time to talk about the film too.

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