See Andy Serkis' directorial Breathe for free at Cineworld Milton Keynes

For one night only, the London Film Festival will be coming to Milton Keynes with a live stream of the red carpet followed by the European premiere of Andy Serkis’ directorial debut, Breathe.

Based on the true story of Robin Cavendish, Breathe is a heart-warming and highly emotional celebration of bravery and human possibility which at its heart, it is a love story about living every breath as though it’s your last.

The film stars Andrew Garfield (Hacksaw Ridge) as Cavendish and Claire Foy (The Crown) as his wife Diana.

Breathe will receive its European premiere on Wednesday (October 4) at the Odeon Leicester Square*, but thanks to headline sponsor American Express®, it will be simultaneously streamed live into cinemas in 28 participating regional cinemas.

The screening will take place at Cineworld, Xscape 602 Marlborough Gate, Milton Keynes MK9 3XS at 7.30pm and is free of charge.

To get closer to the action and be one of the first to see this truly inspirational film click here now to register for tickets.



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