Cake bakers raising the creativity bar in Milton Keynes

Two sisters who inherited a passion for baking from their parents have found the perfect way to pay tribute to their mother - by going into business as clever cake creators.

Emma Beattie and Sam Macanaspie remember cracking eggs and whisking up tasty sweet things in the kitchen as youngsters with mum Joan.
Their father was a baker in and around Bletchley and Milton Keynes too.

Whipping up mouthwatering treats was a craft that never left them, but it wasn't until they tragically lost their mother to cancer, in late 2015, that they decided to turn their hobby into a business.

It had been Joan's wish to see her children launch a business together, and, determined to make her wish a reality, the siblings launched Mrs Macs Sweet Treats.
"We never had the confidence to do it before, but after mum passed we needed something to focus on and found the drive to do it.
"Baking made us feel better and we decided life's too short not to do what makes you happy. We basically cooked up the idea over the kitchen table!" Emma said.

A little over a year after turning professional and Mrs Macs Sweet Treats also backs a number of charitable causes, including Milton Keynes' own The Henry Allen Trust.
The business operates out purpose built premises in Bletchley and has quickly built up a reputation for being a slice above the rest.

"We do something a bit different," Emma said, explaining their success, "We do things in our style and as bespoke as we can.
"We like to keep things interesting and move forward all the time."

And the girls know their mother would be thrilled about their fast-rising empire.
"Baking at home always reminded us of happy family times. We have such fond childhood memories of doing it," Emma said, "When things get stressful in the kitchen we stop and say 'this is for mum!' She would be really proud."


Get cake creativity with Mrs Macs Sweet Treats here


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