Debenhams launches a new taste sensation in its Milton Keynes store

Loaf & Bloom - a new deli kitchen - launched in Debenhams intu Milton Keynes yesterday - bringing together Mediterranean and British cuisine while keeping fresh, seasonal ingredients at the heart of every dish.

At the new restaurant, which is the first in the country, diners have the option to choose from a range of set dishes or mix and match from a selection of salads and Mediterranean inspired meat and cheese platters.

Dishes include poached eggs and avocado on toasted sourdough, cherry tomato, butternut squash and quinoa tart, cauliflower mustard mac & cheese and a delicious chocolate and beetroot cake.

Katherine Bagshawe-Cope, senior product development manager said: “Dining requirements have changed over the years and Loaf & Bloom reflects that shift. People want to be able to walk into a restaurant and see the wonderful food on offer in front of them. We used that, along with fresh, seasonal ingredients, as our inspiration when developing salads, sharing platters, light meals and indulgent cakes.

“We took the same approach when designing the layout of the restaurant. We took cues from the ingredients to create a relaxing and welcoming environment where customers can step away from the hustle and bustle of shopping. It is the ideal space for a quiet cup of coffee, having a glass of prosecco with friends or getting the family together for a bite to eat.”

Debenhams food offering serves the 20 million customers that visit the 175 UK and ROI department stores each year, via a network of 65 concessions and 151 owned and operated restaurants. As part of the launch, the store has recruited an additional 20 local residents to fill barista positions, front of house jobs and kitchen roles.

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