A World Away mark EP release with hometown gig at The Craufurd Arms

If you like a bit of emo, and a lot of big sounding rock oomph, you'll get on just great with Milton Keynes-based quartet A World Away.

Since pooling their creativity and turning on the musical charm toward the end of 2015, the band has already snagged some tasty support slots with Mallory Knox and Young Guns, and this week they release their Wake Me Up E.P

A video for the title track was released earlier this month.  It'll make you think, say the band.

"The video explores the idea of social inequality in the modern world and displays how it exists in our everyday lives," says frontman Ollie.

"The main character begins the video by turning a blind eye to the problem he sees around him.  It's only when he begins to 'wake up' to the world around him, that he realises he is also part of the problem.

"After he wrestles with his emotions, he overcomes his pride and helps those who he wrongly thought were beneath him."

To support the release, A World Away will play for the homecrowd on Saturday night (July 30) with a date at The Craufurd Arms in Wolverton.

Support at the show is coming from Acoda. Tickets are a fiver.