All Tied Up host EP release show at MK11 this week

All Tied Up are on the rise - Milton Keynes pop-punk rabble have just inked a deal with indie start up label stack-in-a-box records and spent the best part of a year forraged away recording their debut e.p.

The lead single 'So Enthusiastic' was released in August.  It was mastered by engineer Joe Laporta (who bagged a Grammy for David Bowie's Black star album, and also mastered the last couple of Foo Fighters and Mallory Knox records).  He knows what to do, clearly.

The EP, Breaking Silence comes out on Friday (September 22), and it's no coincidence that the band will host a celebratory show at MK11 the same day. 

ATU are headlining, and will be flogging said EP and a batch of new merch at the show.

Stolen Serenade, Shotplate and Get Your Head Straight will also plug in and sound outt.

The night starts from around 7.30pm and admission is £6 on the doors.

"There's going to be light shows of epic proportions and sound so perfect you'd think you were at Wembley stadium!" promised a spokesman.


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