Blake make their return to The Stables in August.  The  harmonious set will be at the Wavendon venue on August 28 and 29.
We asked Stephen from the pitch-perfect trio to share his musical heritage with us...
The song that first awakened your musical senses
> By age eight I was already a huge Tears for Fears fan, with their epic track Shout as a firm favourite; they're Bathonians like me too, so it was nice to support a local group.
Physical or digital - how do you take your music?
> I've got around 800 CDs packed away in flight cases in my attic, where they are bound to stay until it is considered retro and cool to listen to them again.
I'm now 100% digital.
The first time you thought - 'Music, this is the job for me'
> I was around 15 years old during Bath Music Festival and was singing with a local blues band, the adrenaline of performing live for the first time got me hooked on performing.
Your best on stage memory
> Looking out at around 6000 people during a festival show we did in a castle, all waving Union Jacks and singing Jerusalem with us.  Awesome!
And the worst gig you've ever done
>  A random gig we did in Bulgaria for a billionaire, every person in the room was smoking and after a half hour show, it felt like we'd had a packet each.
What made you take up singing
> I sang along to pop songs all the time as a kid, pretty annoying for my parents on a five hour drive to Devon!
Eventually, friends said I should try singing with a band, so I gave it a go.
Which one song by another artist do you wish you had written
> Your Song by Elton John, I play it and sing it all the time at home.  It's just an exquisite piece of song writing
And one - by yourself - what holds special significance
> I wrote a song called Unsung Hero with the American songwriter Denise Rich.  it got used on a big ABC documentary about war heroes in 2011, which gave me massive pride.
If you could step into the shoes of another musician, living or dead, who would it be and what would you do?
> I'd give anything to song write as David Bowie.  He has such a fascinating musical mind, with tons of unusual creativity; my all time idol.
Are there any current musical influences that you might look to
> I fell in love with the lush cinematic production that Lana Del Ray's producer brought to her debut album; would be great to channel a little of that!
And any genre of music you simply can't stand?
I try my best to understand most genres, giving a few artists a listen to get my head around the style, but heavy metal has always been tough for me to appreciate.
Finally, plug the tour!
Blake are on tour with our special guest, Brit Award nominee Camilla Kerslake, performing for two hours, mixing pop, musicals and classics in one night of harmony and banter.
To book tickets for the Stables shows visit: www.stables.org
Visit the official website: www.blakeofficial.com