Concrete Punx want to build a DIY punk scene in Milton Keynes

Crash Induction will shake loose a new leg for music in Milton Keynes this Saturday night, when the band launches Concrete Punx.

“It is about establishing a free DIY MK punk scene,” explains Crazy Neil, “Splendiferous fun evening of punk rock music... We are hoping this will be a regular friendly gathering where Concrete Punx will showcase new and established punk bands from the locality and further afield.”


Starting things off with suitable snarl will be Jonny & the Mental Breakdowns from here in the new city.

Coventry’s Molotov Souls bring a smattering of metal to their punk punchiness,  joining the Crash Induction fellas to complete the bill.

It should be a raucous Saturday night. 

“No agenda, no egos, just music," they promise, "We are also happy and proud to announce that the band's great friend, 'The King Of The Roadies' Neville Chesters will compere the evening,” Crazy Neil added.

Entry is free, doors at The Blacksmith's Arms in Downs Barn open at 8pm.


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