New Earthlings release a new single this weekend, and it's one with a distinctly Tardis-inal feel! At the same time as the hugely-anticipated new series of Doctor Who theme takes to the small screen, the Milton Keynes band are issuing a reworking of the theme tune. It might seem an odd choice for a release, but for Earthling Geoff Platt, it was obvious. "I suffered a heart attack and was transferred to London's Heart  Hospital where surgeons fixed me up with a couple of cardiac stents through the leg via the main artery. "I was monitored by a moving x-ray machine on a jib, controlled by a man behind a glass screen, relayed to a wall of video screens showing my own heart beating..." Geoff said: "It felt like a scene from a Doctor Who episode." Doctor-Who-poster-4x3 copy Now all fixed up, Geoff and his band re-recorded the famous tune, giving it a rockier feel.  It will be available to download from Saturday. All proceeds from the track will be donated to the British Heart Foundation. > The single will be available through iTunes, Amazon and streamed on Spotify.