Get set for Dread Times at Bedford Esquires

Dreadzone's Dread Times tour arrives at Bedford Esquires on Friday (Feb 16) with the band playing tracks from their top 40 Album Dread Times and other hits.

Twenty-five years into their career, and the band, one of the most energetic, exciting and powerful live bands to emerge from the post-rave scene, stormed into the Top 40 UK Official Album Charts with their last album Dread Times – the first time the band have charted for more than 20 years.

Their old skool dread sound comes bubbling to the surface on this album and digs deeper into their dub and reggae roots whilst still keeping the beats fresh and the textures electronic.

Conscious lyrics, social ills, matters of the heart and mind merge with 21st century dubwise flavours. The album is an eclectic rolling journey that recalls elements from an illustrious 23 year history while always looking ahead to the next phase.

Since their inception in 1993 Dreadzone have steadily been releasing underground storms of albums, progressively bettering, refining and perfecting their own unique and inimitable take on dub - mixed as it is with aspects of dance, sublime guitar riffs, folk roots sentiments and breakbeat bass styles - whilst bringing the party to every club, dancehall and field they've shown up at.

Always blowing audiences away and steadily earning for themselves the best possible reputation as a live act in the process.

A regular Esquires sell-out, tickets are £17.50 and you book them here


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