GIG: Break into the new week with singer-songwriter James Kirby

Monday evenings, they're dreary, right?
The start of a new working week, with the fun stuff behind you and too many hours ahead to before you can let your hair down again.

If Monday's were a colour, they would probably be grey. 

But not this Monday (Nov 21), when those of you who dare to shake off the early week woes and head to MK11 in Kiln Farm will be rewarded by a set of solid material courtesy of a fast-rising singer-songwriter.

James Kirby isn't just playing at the business of music making.  He's devoted.

"I gave up everything, a secure job, a nice apartment, relationship and time with family and friends to follow a dream I've had since as long as I can remember," he says.

His is a story of hard work, determination and sacrifice.  Glamorous it ain't, but James does have equipment and plenty of petrol receipts to show for craft.

And he has songs.  And plenty of artists with all the support the industry can throw at them don't have those.

All of which makes James a winner.  â€¨The question is, are you a winner too?  If you leave the sofa for the Kiln Farm venue on Monday evening, you will be...