Enjoy a midweek session of noisy proportions at the mercy of HELLYEAH, taking over The Craufurd Arms this Wednesday (August 13) evening. The band - featuring Mudvayne front man Chad Gray, Pantera ace Vinnie Paul on drums and Tom Maxwell from Nothingface on guitar - are an exceptional proposition on disc, and moreso in the live. Tracks from their current album Blood For Blood will be set players. HY LOGO "It's a defining record for HELLYEAH and for anyone on the fence," says Vinnie, who stepped away from production duties on this release. "I wanted to see what would happen if I backed up and let someone take the reins, leaving me to be just a drummer," he explained. And this new material is still challenging for the kit-hitter, who says he hasn't played like this since Pantera's awesome Far Beyond Driven opus. "It's so off the chain, and I will be worn out every night when I play it," he says. Go watch the sweat pour, and hear the sounds soar. Tickets are £15, and doors open at 7.30pm.