Heg & the Wolf Chorus bring their concept album to the live audience in Milton Keynes

Bristol based Heg & The Wolf Chorus are touring the UK just now as they continue to promote the release of their debut album Raising The Fires which was released last November.

This concept album, intertwining Heg’s imaginative stories with traditional myths and legends, is set at the end of the world as we know it, brought to it’s demise by a white witch who was wrongfully burnt at the stake.

As the world burns, the witches spell conjures the return of all the mythological creatures to claim their land.

The band perform the songs from the album with theatrical narrative, taking the audience on a journey through each twist of the story.

Follow Heg & The Wolf Chorus into their apocalyptic world of witches, fires, lost love and forgotten creatures.

The band will be live at The Stables on November 18.

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