JSMV release new single and announce Filipino Festival appearance

It's a little later than was originally envisaged, but you can't hurry a good thing, and JSMV's new single Paradise, released this Friday (July 29), has been worth the wait. 

It has the sound of summer all sown up!  Kiss FM agree - even they've given it air time.

“We are even more excited about this single because we have managed to get two established producers on board to remix the song,” Jamie told Total MK.

“We have also started working with one of the UK's top radio pluggers in the hope we can reach new heights with our music.

“There are exciting times ahead, and we can't wait to get going...”

Now it's over to the duo's fans to pick up the single baton and run with it: “Even though we've been quiet , the support is still amazing,” said Vee.

“If you know someone with an iPhone or iTunes, ask them to have a listen, and if they like it, download it.  It means the world to us.

> JSMV will be live at The Filipino Festival in Campbell Park on Saturday.