Kaia Kater to play live at The Stables in Wavendon this week

Following the release of acclaimed album Nine Pin, plus a recent UK tour supporting Rhiannon Giddens, 22 year old Kaia Kater is back on the road, and plays the penultimate date of her UK tour at The Stables on Saturday (February 3).

Born of Afro-Caribbean descent in Québec, Kaia Kater grew up between two worlds: one her family’s deep ties to Canadian folk music in her Toronto home; the other the years she
spent learning and studying Appalachian music in West Virginia.
Her debut album touched on this divide, but album, Nine Pin delves even further, and casts an unflinching eye at the realities faced by people of colour in North America every day.

Her songs on the new album are fuelled by her rich low tenor vocals, jazz-influenced instrumentation, and beautifully understated banjo, and they’ve got as much in common with Kendrick Lamar right now as they do with Pete Seeger.

True to her roots in Appalachia, the title of the album comes from a traditional square dance formation in which a woman stands alone in the middle of a circle of people turning around her. As a double meaning, it’s also one of the pins in bowling that keeps getting knocked down.

Surrounded yet alone, constantly in the line of fire, this album speaks beautifully to the seasons of a young woman’s life.

Recorded in just one day in Toronto, Nine Pin was produced by both Kater and acclaimed Canadian artist Chris Bartos, who also produced her last album, Sorrow Bound.

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