Milton Keynes-based Manny and the Coloured Sky has been quietly plying his wares around town, armed with a clutch of rather fantastic acoustic-folky styled tracks, sometimes sprinkled with soul and rap morsels. The splendid union of styles has been learned on a music path three years long and counting, and it's a path that has seen him go from heavy rock band front man (a sixth form project) to one half of the soul-rap concoction Soul Kid. When that project dried up after a year, Manny picked up the guitar and took to a musical life on his own. Manny Manny's cover of the Labrinth number Treatment was a hit with the artist himself – who retweeted the track to his million plus followers, which led to a collaboration with Lou Sinergy. We said Manny works alone, but not always - recently he has collaborated with Michelle Imhof from Switzerland. But rather than the traditional collaborative process of knuckling down to work in a studio environment together, the two didn't meet and instead worked their musical magic through the power of technology. “I came across lovely, incredible musician Michelle and we engaged in a few discussions and agreed on a song we wanted to cover,” Manny said. With Jessie Ware's Taking In Water in their ears, they got to work: “...It involved sending across numerous amounts of audio tracks we recorded. It was exciting, things were starting to take shape.” Eventually the beautiful delivery was done – you can listen to it here: “I loved every minute of the process, it has taught me a lot as a musician and also highlighted how valuable focus and a huge amount of self-belief is vital in achieving our goals... “There's still so much I want to learn and achieve, I want to create a source of hope and comfort and make music that inspires and changes lives,” he added.  Manny and The Coloured Sky will play  'Something for Sunday', Hackney Wick, London, June 8 IF:MK Festival, Milton Keynes, July 20  Keep tabs... On Twitter: @The_colouredsky On Facebook: Search for Manny and The Coloured Sky Mannny1   Are you a musician or band that wants to get your music heard?  Email us: