First they asked us to get fizzy with it, and now the folks behind the successful pop-up Gin Fizz events have come up with a new monthly meeting for retro music fiends – The Hot Cat Club.

Unlike the ever-moveable Jump Joint brand though, this one will have a base, with all events being hosted under the roof of MK Social in the heart of the Theatre District, and it launches this coming Friday (September 25).

Music is at the heart of the Hot Cat club, but how to move with confidence so that you can strut and bop with the best of them?

Well, at this moment that might seem like a challenge too far, but that's where the 'When Rock 'n' Roll Met Swing Jumpin' Jive' dance class comes in more than a little bit handy.

Each month, the bash will begin with a dance class, led by Bedford dance pro's The Swingsters who will get you up to speed and give you the necessary confidence to take on the dance floor...and win!

MPMG Ginfizz_JumpJoint_2014_08

Those behind the venture say the classes are being introduced by popular demand – plenty of Jump Joint visitors wanted to learn how to dance with confidence, so you'll be in good company.

Viv Doolan is the lady at the helm: “The Hot Cat Club is open to all,” she says, “Whether you want to come on your own or as a couple.

Everyone is welcome and you will get the chance to meet all of your fellow revellers for a dance. No-one is left out.”

Doors open at 7pm and then the dance class will get you in the swing of things with an hour long session from 7.30pm.

At 8.30pm the record hop takes over, and whether you want to stay stuck to the dance floor or would like to sit out with a tempting cocktail or two is your business.

Either way the tunes will flow, the vibe will be sweet and you'll be in for a purr-fect night.

Tickets are £12 for the dance class and the hop, or just rock up in time for the hop only and splash £8.

You can get more details and book tickets by heading to

The Hot Cat Club is where the cool cats will go...