On Track: Dub Pistols frontman Barry tackles Total MK's questions...

They've spent close to two decades music making, and along the way The Dub Pistols have worked with The Specials, Busta Rhymes, Madness and Gregory Isaacs.

Known for their die-hard party vibe the Pistols have evolved into a mighty reggaematic bass-driven live-machine, a super-tight regular that wins over the festival audience, and will make one heck of a crunch at the Craufurd Arms.

"We don't put on many shows these days, but when we do we make 'em big and banging," promised the Beatcheck Monkey.

"The last time the Pistols rode into MK it was a sell-out show. They give an instant and insane party from the second they walk on stage; they really are an incredible live act to see," he added.


Pistols founder Barry Ashworth went On Track with Total MK...


The song that first awakened your musical senses

I get asked this question a lot and its hard to remember exactly but it was around the time of Punk and
new wave era going into Ska, i used to go to Woolworths and buy 7" singles on different colour vinyl.
I think the first song i was passionate about though was the English Civil War" by The Clash i just loved the anarchy of the lyrics.

Physical or digital - how do you take your music?

Both if i'm honest i was brought up on vinyl and started my dj career off with vinyl but now nearly all
promo's i receive are digital so i use digital mostly when i do my soho radio show and when i'm out playing.
Every now and then i will get asked to play a vinyl only set which i really enjoy doing it takes me straight back to the earl years of my career, i miss spending days wandering around soho record shops waiting for the imports to arrive/

The first time you thought 'Music - this is the job for me'

Growing up i always loved music but never really thought a working class boy could get into it. I guess i was
in Ibiza in 1987 at a club called Amnesia i had just started taking e's and was off my face in the middle of the dance floor and thought this is the life for me

Your best on stage memory...

Rise festival in Finsbury Park, it was an anti racism festival and there where about 30,000 people and Terry Hall
and Lyndal Golding from The Specials joined us to play a version of "Gangsters" it was also the first time they had played together in about 20 years so it was a really special day, the crowd went crazy and its a moment that i will never forget


Tickets for The Craufurd date on Friday are on sale at £14, supprt comes from Kioko and doors open at 7.30pm.

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