Tickets to see the rather exceptional singer-songwriter SaraBeth at musical play at The Stables later this month (Aug 28) are all sold-out, which is hardly surprising.

While Total MK can't get you into the Wavendon gig, we can get you closer to the Country vocalist and Texan native, via her musical influences.

SaraBeth went On Track with us, explaining where Frost the Snowman fits into her musical side, and spilling the beans on her appreciation for Taylor Swift...

The song that first awakened your musical senses

Hmm. Good question!

I feel like so many things I did as a kid involved music.

From TV shows to movies, to listening to tunes in the car, music was everywhere.

It was something that I just loved to do. I started singing when I started talking.

My first song was Frosty the Snowman

Physical or digital – how do you take you music?

A little bit of both. I love to hold a CD in my hands, read the Thank You's and the album credits.

I'm a big impulse iTunes purchaser.

Either way, I always purchase as opposed to streaming :)

The first time you thought 'Music – this is the job for me'

It was a bunch of things that all came together. I always loved singing, but it's really easy to let what other people say and your own self doubt get in the way.

I had just graduated from Baylor University and my brother got drafted to play professional baseball for the St Louis Cardinals.

He had always said he would play professional sport, and he was.

That's when I made the decision.

I didn't want to look back on my life and think 'What if?' It's been a crazy journey, but well worth it!

Your best on stage memory

I did a show in Hartford, WI where everyone in the bar knew my songs.

They were singing louder than me. It was so unexpected and humbling.

I'll never forget that show at The Wedge.


And the worst gig you've ever done...

Oh man...I don't really have a worst gig. I have had some interesting things happen.

I was on tour with another band as the opener, and we got to the first venue of the tour and they had no idea I was coming.

We soon learned that several venues didn't know I was part of the tour.

So that's up there as far as not so great memorable experiences on the road!

What made you take up singing

I don't really know. I just did it. Music was such a big part of everything I did.

It came natural.

Which one song by another artist do you wish you had written

There are so many of them. The first song that comes to mind is The House That Built Me, by Miranda Lambert.

And one – by yourself – which holds special significance

I wrote a song called Nowhere With You and it was the first tune of mine that hit the Top 40.

That was something I never thought would happen to me, so it will always hold a special place in my heart

If you could step into the shoes of another musician, living or dead, who would it be and what would you do?

It may be cliché to say, but I would love to spend a day in the life of Taylor Swift.

Her story is very inspiring to me. She's remained true to herself and her business model is impressive. Plus, based on social media, she just seems like she lives a pretty great, and somewhat normal life with her friends and family

Are there any current influences you might look to

I really love Leah Turner's music. I love the attitude in every song

And any genre of music you can't stand?

I usually find something I like in every genre. I love different genres depending on what I'm doing.

Classical/choral when I'm relaxing. Hip-Hop when I'm dancing. Pop and techno runs my running playlist. Even when it's not something I listen to every day, I still respect the artistry in all genres

Finally, plug The Stables show here in Milton Keynes – what can we expect

It's going to be a three-piece acoustic, intimate show!

You can expect some stories behind the song, with a lot of energy.

You'll hear a lot of my original tunes, but I always throw in some of my favourite cover songs as well