Jamie  Lenman spent many a night in front of a  microphone at venues up and down the country, as frontman with Reuben. The band combined brutal riffs, heartfelt melodies and intelligent lyrics to hard-hitting effect, and pulled in a super-charged fan base as they went. They toured with artists including Biffy Clyro and Billy Talent, and then founded their own label, Hideous Records, to release their third album. But being creative in a band, staying out on tour and running your own label - all the time while holding down full-time jobs - is no easy feat, and eventually, the excessive work load took its toll. Reuben split in 2008. MPMG lenman band For Jamie, it was a switch from nights on stage to days sat working as an illustrator. But now, Jamie is putting music first again - with a double album set for release at the start of November. Muscle Memory 'splits the trademark Reuben sound in two, with one disc focusing on melody, and the other on riffery.' Now, as that release date draws closer Jamie is bringing his new material to the stage - and will be live at The Crafurd Arms in Wolverton on Friday (August 29). Tickets are on sale at £13, and doors open at 7.30pm. Baby Godzilla, God Damn and Champions of Euthanasia will support.