Ruth Theodore brings insidious melodies and quirky, insightful lyrics to The Stables in Milton Keynes

Following 2016’s well received Cactacus album release and sold-out album launch at London's Borderline, Ruth Theodore returns with single Kissing In Traffic on April 28.
But you don't even need to wait that long to see her at play - she will be live at The Stables in Wavendon on Thursday (April 20).

Known for her quirky, insightful, poetic lyrics and insidious melodies, Cactacus features Ruth’s distinguishable songwriting style and honest lyricism at its core.

The recording sessions saw Ruth crossing the Atlantic to collaborate with Todd Sickafoose, best known for his work with Ani Difranco and Anais Mitchell. Kissing In Traffic is a catchy and optimistic love song and “by far one of the most simply structured and positive songs I have written” explains Ruth.

Amidst the celebratory New Orleans style rhythms and hopeful pacey energy there are flickers of darker times within the lyrics that reference a past and passionate, yet destructive relationship; with the overriding message of not letting the past dictate the future and allowing yourself to move on.

The recording process of this song also broke new ground for Ruth in terms of arrangement style.

The trumpet solo, performed by Toni Glausi, was intentionally given a free and improvised feel. “I would usually write all of the musical arrangements for my songs, every single note, but this time it felt more appropriate to just let someone run with it” returning to the earlier message that “sometimes you should just enjoy looking out of the window, whilst somebody else drives.”

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