Margaret Thatcher was living at No.10, Prince Charles and Lady Di said 'I Do' and Depeche Mode issued their debut album. They year was 1981, and on April 4 Bucks Fizz (below) exploded onto the Eurovision Song Contest stage in a blaze of colour.

With their track Making Your Mind Up they stole the show, took the title...and remember that skirt-ripping routine?

What's most remarkable is that 35 years on Cheryl Baker and Jay Aston still have legs svelte enough to repeat the skirt stunt today.

And they'll be doing it at The Stables this Thursday evening (May 26).

Bobby G is no longer in the ranks, so Cheryl, Jay and Mike Nolan are joined by Bobby McVay for the live stuff.

MPMG Bucks Fizz copy

There was a spell back there in the 80s when Bucks had more fizz than most; with three chart topping singles, figuring among more than 20 hit singles. They shifted more than 15 million records too.

It'll be a pop-parade of 80s classics like Land of Make Believe, Now Those Days Are Gone, Talking in Your Sleep and My Camera Never Lies.

Tickets are nearly all gone though. Get busy or go fizzless...

Those of you who didn't crack on and book tickets for The Cavern Beatles at the venue on Friday night (May 27) will be learning the hard way that advance buying is the right way. It's a sell-out.

There is still an opportunity to engage with Lauren Housley over on Stage 2 though.

Her Nashville-flavoured soul has seen her gain tasty exposure on Radio 2 for her debut album Sweet Surrender.

Those of you who know Joe Brown know that he is tour-de-force in music, and man who is as chirpy a fella as you could hope to find.

And he's spawned a second generation of Brown brilliance; son Pete is a bit handy guitar and lap steel, and he's got a band together to give his bluegrass music an outlet. The New Grass Cutters play the Wavendon haunt on Saturday (May 28)

Pete has assembled a band of pedigree that is tried and tested to join him in the live – his Dad's own band!

TG Collective will be seeing you on Stage 2.

The instrumental collective are back in Wavendon with an intriguing mix of gypsy jazz, flamenco, jazz and contemporary classical influences.

Instrumentation is grand here, with flutes, bass clarinet, percussion, trumpet, double bass, violin and the Arabic Oud alongside the more traditional guitar. Investigate and search for the Release the Penguins album.

MPMG Roy Hudd

Roy Hudd is nigh on sold-out on Sunday (May 29), and attendees will get their full-fill: Roy is a racontuer, a comedian, a singer and an actor, traits he has spent an incredible 65 years honing.

He'll be joined by pianist William Godfree as he shares the stories jokes and monologues of the music hall, singing the songs and letting you into the secrets and scandals of its stars...

Last up this week is An Acoustic Evening with Sir Thijs Van Leer, the man known best for his role as flautist, singer and Hammond Organ player in Dutch prog-rock mob Focus who gave us that Hocus Pocus number.

And let's face it, when Ken Bruce slips that track on to the Radio2 airwaves it's a bit of a yodel-rock wowzer!

Out on his own he'll be perched behind the grand piano telling his life story, with a little acoustic guitar support from Menno Gootjes.

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