A beautifully vibrant album, Aftersun, recently found its way into our stereo, its devious deliveries dancing far and wide, while boasting a core of African driven rhythms.

The album was from Snarky Puppy founding member Bill Laurance (above), and this Thursday evening (March 10), Bill will be live at The Stables, to let his sounds loose for you.

The aforementioned album was recorded in New Orleans, one of Total MK's most favourite places, and one that is spiring for music makers, and yet Laurance cancelled the sessions in the misguided belief that he didn't have the necessary amount of material.

That same evening he watched a documentary on the making of Miles Davis' Kind of Blue, and was struck by Davis' focus on capturing spontaneity.

Inspired, he called the sessions back on at 6am the following morning, and Aftersun was born.

It was an album that was meant to be made, and there are a further two in the offing from Bill before 2016 is resigned to history. Keep your eyes peeled.

There will be lots of Jive Talkin' (boom boom) at Friday's (March 11) Nights on Broadway session, which is a tribute to the Bee Gees.

But it'll be a Tragedy if you've not already got your mitts on tickets. Yup, it's all sold-out.

Dr Feelgood, the band who gave us Milk and Alcohol, are back in play at the venue on Saturday (March 12), with singer Robert Kane, formerly of The Animals.

Again, get a wriggle on if you want a seat, as availability is scant.

Over on Stage 2, Lucan Mills (below) will play to his home crowd.


The rising rapper who has relocated to these parts from Winchester has already performed with artists including G-Unit and Tinie Tempah, and freestyled on stage with some bloke called Ed Sheeran...

Lucan will be live from 8.45pm.

There are Live Jazz Matters on Sunday morning (March 13, 11.30am) with music from Marlene VerPlank with John Pearce, Paul Morgan and Bobby Worth, and in the evening join participants from the Ceilidh Experience course for their concert and dance, with a feast of tad tunes for dancers and folk fans.

A guest caller will walk you through the steps during the evening, which starts at 7.30pm.

PerKelt play for you on Stage 2 on Tuesday night (March 15) with their blend of unique, Celtic Medieval speed folk.

C'mon, how cool does that sound on paper? Now multiply it by ten to give you an idea of what to expect in the live.

There are funnies to be had on Stage 2 on Wednesday night (March 16) with the Screaming Blue Murder Comedy Club.

This time around, Jamali Maddix and Sally-Jessica Fostekew will be introduced by Andrew Bird.

The Jim Marshall auditorium will play host to the terrifically talented, gorgeous trio known as The Puppini Sisters.

MPMG Puppini Sisters 1

The bad news is that every last ticket was snapped up ages ago to see these clever tune bringers.

The good news is that Marcella Puppini was kind enough to share her musical likes and loves with Total MK for our On Track segment. Read here:

Meantime for book for those shows that do still have availability, click to