The Counterfeit Stones are at The Stables on Thursday night (June 11), but small surprise, the outstanding tribute to Mick and the boys is all sold-out.

On Friday evening (June 12) Son Yambu will play their authentic Cuban son - the essential Afro-Cuban music that originated in the streets of eastern Cuba.

Take a seat and listen to the fusion of Spanish and Cuban rhythms, or take yourself to the specially created dance floor and try out your own salsa moves.

On Stage 2, Sunderland-based singer-songwriter Paul Liddell will be in play.

He's a hard-worker is Liddell, a man who averages around 20 gigs a month, playing both solo and with his band Delphians.

Expect a unique voice and unpretentious delivery, with live sampling and layered harmonies.

The Team, the late Edwin Starr's band team up with Northern Soul ace Lorraine Silver on Saturday night for a full-on delivery of the live stuff - Starr classics and Northern Soul sensations aplenty.

On Stage 2, MK's retro royals Harry & Edna present Steam, with Professor Elemental and Burlesque performer Miss Lubi Blue in the spotlight.

The last time Gareth Gates was on stage in Milton Keynes it was in Legally Blonde, or perhaps you remember his earlier stint in panto?

Gareth starred in Aladdin at MK Theatre, bringing smiles to some 60,000 of you during the Christmas period.

His return will be all the more sedate, mind - Gareth will be delivering a stripped back acoustic show at the Wavendon venue on Sunday evening.

He will perform hits, fan favourites and showcase new material during the session, which features special guest, Jai McDowall.

Into the new week we step, and on Tuesday, Raghu Dixit will be responsible for filling the auditorium with infectious, happy music that transcends age, genre and language.

Strongly rooted in Indian traditions and culture, it reaches you with a decidedly global contemporary sound.

LSOH CAST by Gareth Van Niekerk copy

Last up this week, Live Live Cinema with Little Shop of Horrors (above).

Roger Corman's cult 1960 film is screened while the live soundtrack is created by four performers, forced to work at break-neck pace to re-voice multiple characters while playing a new, original score...

The dark floristry farce about a man-eating plant brings spoof and slapstick.  The Live Live Cinema reboot will delight aficionados and first-time viewers alike.

To book tickets for a triffid, erm we mean terrific night out at The Stables this week, click to or call 01908 280800.