You'll remember Johnny Hates Jazz. When the late eighties were in full flow, JHJ hit us with the single Shattered Dreams which became a chart smash and a radio staple (and which you will now be humming for the rest of the day, like us).

Their debut album did swell too, debuting in the top spot and going double Platinum.

Much has changed since those times, sure, but the art of a good pop hit stands tall, and a few years back they reformed, issuing a new album, Magnetized, in 2013.

Expect a clash of old and new this Thursday evening (March 3) when they return to The Stables.

Stage 2 will be held by Beth Porter & the Availables, an award-winning classical player who has embraced the folk scene and been taken in by their fraternity.

Expect endearing songs and a fragile voice, swelled by strings, piano, drum and bass and arrangements taking you from the ethereal to the cinematic, and from the epic to the playful.

The current line-up of The Three Degrees play on Friday (March 4), but tickets for pretty bare, get in quick if you fancy seeing the longest running female vocal trio in history – as according to The Guinness Book of Records, no less.

Chris Martin will see you in Stage 2. Nope, not Coldplay's ever-so-nice but frankly dreary frontman. We're talking about the stand-up fella who has spent the past few years colouring up the live scene and festival slots since making his Fringe debut in 2011. And he sold that out.

Join the observationalist as he cuts loose his This Show Has A Soundtrack delivery.

If you are a fan of the fret and love the widdly-widdly The Story of Guitar Heroes on Saturday night (March 5) is for you.

MPMG Hednas (8)

Staged as a live-concert style rockumentary, Phil Walker is the man with the six-strings, although strictly speaking he'll have plenty more than that – with some 20 guitars used during the performances.

Together with his band, he will play you through the decades – from the rock n roll of the 1950s to the modern guitar heroes of the here and now. And that means rock to pop and folk to reggae will all get a look in.

Instantly recognisable moments by Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Hank Marvin, Brian May and Slash are just a fraction of guitar-greats Phil has waiting for you.

Or, turn to your vintage side and enjoy a visit to Hedna's Vintage Nightclub (above)in Stage 2.

Strip off your bland clobber, don your best classic clothing and step back in time to the 1930s and 40s.

It is not just another music club, it is about fashion, dance and style,” organiser Edna said.

Our Grandparents showed us how to have fun, be glamorous and sexy in tough times. They showed us how to dress and dance.”

Mini Harry will spin the vintage tunes, and Mr T Wilde Esq is your compere for the evening.

MPMG The Eskies

The Eskies (below) will be in Stage 2 on Sunday night (March 6), and if you part with your hard earned cash for this lot, you'll certainly get your monies worth; 'Purveyors of music that meanders from sea-soaked waltz to Italian tarantella, from brassy funeral march-esque lament to weep along klemzer knees up, from chain gang holler to rag time finger snap.

Skipping through the dark side of anything that makes you want to dance, steeped in melodrama and usually with no a small amount of tongue in cheek, promise those bringing it to town.

Want to listen before you bite? Check in with the last month's single release, Jesus Don't Save Me.

One time Argent vocalist and guitarist Russ Ballard appears on Tuesday evening with classics like Hold Your Head Up and God Gave Rock and Roll to You (Yep, the Kiss hit, but it wasn't their track), and material from his new album.

The Andy Payani Trio present Tenor Madness on Stage 2 as Andy pays tribute to the jazz-ability of the great Sonny Rollins.

Then on Wednesday (March 9), Limehouse Lizzy deliver the music of the late Phil Lynott and co.

There's Whisky in the Jar if you fancy. Us? We love Emerald.

Last up this week, is Hannah Sanders (top), over in Stage 2.

A little over a year ago, she released a folkin' great debut album, in the shape of Charms Against Sorrow, and her captivating intimate live performance is turning heads and filling ears.

She grew up travelling Europe delivering unaccompanied folk songs with her family band, The Dunns.

Then she based herself in Boston, MA and pursued a career as a cultural anthropologist, becoming a leading expert on contemporary witchcraft, before heading back to these climes and a return to folk singing.

Creatively astute, and with an alluring intensity, she is one to watch.

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