Wilson & Wakeman to debut new album at Stables return

The clever musical combination of Damian Wilson and Adam Wakeman return to The Stables this Sunday (Feb 4), with a tempting new album, The Sun Will Dance in its Twilight Hour*, to share with you.

“We started writing this album towards the end of the summer, with the two of us sat around a piano with a couple of guitars lying around,” Adam told Sammy Jones.

“We work quite quickly together, which means it's very constructive and when we’re done, it’s down the pub for a chat and a pint, rather than pulling all nighters in the studio!

“Those late night sessions happen very rarely for me these days, unless there’s an absolute deadline which demands it.”

And for Adam, songwriting is an organic thing.  You can’t make it happen.

“I always find that it’s either coming or not, and however late you get up, or early you get up, you can’t force it into happening.”

Fans of the Wilson & Wakeman partnership will be able to pin their ears to the new product at The Stables date, which sees them back on familiar ground.

It’ll be a chance for Adam to enjoy a cosy show with his own style at the fore, as opposed to arenas and stadiums, which are frequently on the itinerary; Adam is a long-time member of Ozzy Osbourne’s band, and worked the keys with Black Sabbath, until they called time on a hefty career, this time last year.

“It seems like such a long time ago now!" Adam said, recalling Sabbath's last show.

“Ironically, The Stables show is happening one year to the day after that show, so maybe I should work a Sabbath song into the set.

“It was a sad day when that tour finally came to an end. It really was the end of an era, and I was only there for the last 15 years of it!"

But with Ozzy’s swansong still to come, there are plenty more memories to be made.

“The tour starts up in the spring.  I can’t wait...”

Last year’s Stables performance pulled from the first Wilson & Wakeman release, Weir Keeper’s Tale, and even included an acoustic Iron Maiden offering and a nod to the late Dudley Moore.

Sunday’s return promises to be every bit as intriguing and intelligent.

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*The Sun Will Dance in its Twilight Hour is released on February 16.


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