Christmas gifts: Gather the family, it's time to get competitive!

There is always time for a game at Christmas - it helps the dinner go down, and brings out the friendly, competitive streak.
Stores are brimming with ideas, but here are our three favourites...


The 'I'm going to win this!' Christmas shareable

Tumball from Megableu Games
Somewhere in between Christmas dinner and the Boxing Day leftovers, families tire of the small screen and start to get a little bit fidgety.
But it's easy to stave off boredoms (and avoid repeats of Home Alone, classic though it is) and pull the family together for a smile inducing game.
And Tumball is a real smasher!
It's traditional in form – a cluster of balls is suspended by nothing but thread. How many balls can you balance on them before the cluster separates and things hit the floor?
Tumball works for two to four players, and for everyone aged six years and above.
'Make your move, but be careful, don't tremble or the balls will tumble!' is the advice given by those bringing the bead-stacking game to the party.
And with one too many sherry's most likely being consumed before play begins, co-ordination may be that little bit more tricky for the adults!

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Christmas just one box!

Rascals - The Very Merry Christmas Game
Imagine if you could package all the Christmas staples compactly into one box. Well now you can, thanks to game maker Rascal - crackers, presents, seasonal songs and sprouts come together in The Very Merry Christmas Game.
The idea is for players to grab the best set of goodies for their seasonal stocking.  And the presents could be brilliant, or they might be naff – you won't know what your opponents have dished out until you open them at the end of the game.
Pull a cracker (using cracker cards) and you'll be able to snatch a better present from someone else's stocking.
You'll need to tune up too, because you might have to sing a festive favourite to keep hold of your own presents. Great fun for two to four players, aged eight years to adult... just beware of those sprout cards!

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Forget the Christmas pud - reach for the Gibsons alternative

Pass the Pud

The creators of this fun little pud, promise a belchingly good word game. It's suitable for the whole family, and this one is free from calories and won't leave you with a pile of washing up.  It's a win-win.

Pass the Pud is an action packed team game for four or more players and everyone’s nerves will be tested to the limits as they answer questions in a race against time to beat the burp.  

Players take it in turns to draw a card from four mouth-watering categories. They must come up with an answer before quickly passing the pud on to the next player who must also come up with a suitable answer – and so it goes on until the dreaded ‘burp!’  If this game imitates real life, then Dad might be crowned winner!

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