Christmas smiles: Two creative gifts in very different ways...

Don't just pop a few crinkly bits of paper in a card, and forget the usual cologne and parfum this Christmas; get inventive with your gift giving, and others will be inspired too.  Here's a couple of clever ideas ...


The present that will unlock the secrets of the past

Unique ancestry DNA kit

For a highly personal and unique gift this Christmas, Living DNA can help your loved ones discover where they come from and provide a highly-detailed insight into their family history.

The world’s most advanced ancestry DNA test, Living DNA can tell you the story of your family ancestry in amazing detail, stretching back thousands of years – all from a simple mouth swab. A 3-in-1 test, Living DNA is the only service that provides you with your overall family ancestry alongside your motherline and fatherline as standard, to give you the most thorough and detailed overview of your ancestry.

Results are displayed on an online portal, allowing you to explore your ancestry in many ways. It breaks down your ancestry at a regional level, covering 80 worldwide regions including 21 in the UK – offering over twice the detail of other ancestry tests.

You can even journey back in time to see where your family were at different points in history, and explore how we are all ultimately connected by our DNA.

Compared to other DNA ancestry tests out there, Living DNA is like viewing your family history in ultra high-definition. And because it’s been developed by some of the world’s leading genetic experts, you can be sure you’re getting the most accurate and detailed picture of your personal family history.

Living DNA costs £99 (+ P&P) with no subscription fees, including the swab kit, DNA analysis and online platform. Test results typically take 8-12 weeks before they are available on the interactive website. 

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The present that will inspire new visions and creativity...
Winsor & Newton – The Galeria Introductory Gift Collection

A trusted name in art, Winsor & Newton's story can be traced back to the early nineteenth century, when they quickly won over creative souls with a terrific new choice of colour and clarity.

Queen Victoria granted the British art supplier its first Royal Warrant in 1841. The endorsement has remained in place ever since, securing its position as a leading provider of clever colours long ago.

Today, the company trades on its 'classic yet contemporary' promise, which has attracted some of the world's finest artists to the brand. But Winsor & Newton believe that art is for all, and their clever, classy new Alchemy and Artistry collection makes gift buying easy.

And you can choose safe in the knowledge that the recipient will be thrilled by any of the five curated sets on offer. Quality comes at an affordable cost with W&N – from a compact set of four drawing inks (£18) to the Professional Water Colour Journal Gift Collection (£92.50).

Our pick is The Galeria Introductory Gift Collection at £43.50. It is the perfect gift for an artist seeking to replenish supplies, or someone starting on a new journey into acrylic paint.

While these sets are an easy fit with those already committed to their art, they are so well presented that they inspire those non-artists to unlock their own creativity and let loose on paper; We know, because it's just happened to us...

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