It's game on for Christmas - and Gibsons have some of the tastiest brain-teasers

The puzzle for the sweet-toothed member of your clan

Krispy Kreme puzzle

Everyone's favourite doughnuts are now available in cardboard form; Gibsons game-makers have constructed this clever puzzle with lots of sugary fulfilment – and it's calorie free!

All of your favourite Krispy Kreme flavours feature – from the simple glazed to the Nutty Chocolatta. If there is another puzzle on the market that is sweeter, we've yet to find it.

Naturally the doughnut delight comes in a circular form – just like the real thing.

There's plenty to dig into here too – with 500 pieces needing to be assembled.


The gift for the politically charged

Five on Brexit Island (Gibsons)

A brilliantly up-to-date modern take on a classic! This 250 piece jigsaw has been inspired by the tongue-in-cheek Famous Five Books For Grown-ups, and the parody puzzle is a perfect addition to adult stockings everywhere. After all, everyone has an opinion...

'It's decision time and the Five are split on the Brexit Referendum. Join Julian George, Dick, Anne and Timmy the dog as they leave Britain to declare independence for Kirrin Island. But how will their friendship survive the horrors of a referendum?'

Other goodies in the range include Five Lose Dad in the Garden Centre (sound familiar?) and Five Give Up The Booze. We love them all.

The classic jigaw to bring the family together

Wrapped Up For Christmas (Limited Edition, Gibsons)

Marcello Corti's scene depicts a snowy Christmas Eve and is so detailed and colourful you just want to step into the vision and head directly for the mulled wine stand!

This 1000 piece puzzle is bustling with classic Christmas visions – the choirboys heading to church, the tree adorned with illuminating baubles, shoppers wrapped in their scarves and mittens, soaking in the Christmas Eve buzz, and youngsters excitedly dressing their snowman who comes with obligatory carrot nose and smiley face.

Be drawn in by the decoration stand before heading to buy a bag of chestnuts, and see if you can spot the policeman, the carol singers and the bounding dog.

It's a brilliant vision, and one that shows something new with every glance.

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