It might be unseasonably warm outside, but Milton Keynes has already seen its first snowfall!

Staff at Electric Social transformed the venue into a white wonderland at the request of a customer.

When the call came through, employees at the Theatre District hub thought someone was having a Ho Ho Ho, but it was no joke. Or should that be snow-joke?!

The businesswoman from Milton Keynes wanted something special for her staff at their Christmas party, and so Electric Social arranged for it to snow indoors...with a little help from 50kg of fake white stuff. It took more than six hours to blanket the venue in the festive stuff.

Since rebranding the business, we have received many personal requests to make Christmas parties extra special but this was our biggest challenge so far,” said events manager Gillian Watson.

We created the perfect festive scene including a snow-covered Christmas tree next to a roaring fireplace and a traditionally set Christmas table with champagne on ice.”

As the guests walked in, Electric Social’s team even made it snow from the ceiling so they had to walk through a picture-perfect flurry!

The party was a total hit, but the picture perfect scene came to an end when the guests departed, and the six-hour clean-up operation began!

We’re still finding bits of snow hidden in every place possible but it was all worth it in the end to make someone’s Christmas that little bit more special,” added Gillian.