PICTURE SPECIAL: Easter treats are served to Woburn Safari Park's animals

The Easter Bunny visited Woburn Safari Park this week, treating animals to a tasty egg-stravaganza! The 48-strong troop of endangered Barbary macaques were among those tucking in to the goods.

Troop member Oakley opted to eat his egg in peace up a tree away from his companions.

Meanwhile in the Foot Safari, both the critically endangered Black-and-white ruffed lemur, near-threatened Ring-tailed lemurs and Squirrel monkeys tucked into colourful vegetarian eggs made of beetroot – part of their daily diet.


The sweet treats were well received by the animals who do not get to eat this colourful vegetable all year round due to the Park’s sustainability policy of buying fruit and vegetables seasonally.


To see Woburn's African Lions eating their Easter Eggs click here