Splash the cash and help Camphill MK's charity drive

Camphill MK Communities are running a crowdfunding campaign through Spacehive with Our MK to ask the community to pledge funds for two essential defibrillators for the community's public spaces.

Camphill Milton Keynes Communities is a charity providing a central community resource for Milton Keynes.

In addition to creating a living and working community for people with learning disabilities, the community is also a meeting place for many across Milton Keynes.

They have two popular sites, the Theatre - a central hub of activity, events and conferences, and the much-loved café.

Visitors of all ages and abilities gather to use the services and need to make sure that everyone is safe.

Defibrillators are essential, potentially life-saving devices used in the case of cardiac arrest, so it is essential that they raise enough funds to purchase and install them.

If you can help swell the coffers and help the cause visit https://www.spacehive.com/camphilldefib