The Olney Lace Circle present 'Peace After a Storm' to Willen Hospice

After being inspired by a visit to the poppy display at the Tower of London, The Olney Lace Circle decided to create a picture as a group and have it donated to a local institution. They chose Willen Hospice and formally handed over the completed picture to Willen Hospice representatives in a celebration ceremony at the Hospice.

The picture is made of hand-made bobbin lace and all the members of the group had an input in the design. The picture is now displayed at the In-Patient Unit at Willen Hospice

Andrea Wood, Chair of the Olney Lace Circle said "The Olney Lace Circle hope that our picture ‘Peace After a Storm’ brings a little joy to all who see it hanging in a very worthy and deserving institution. Willen Hospice is a credit to the whole community and deserves all the support it receives"

Paul Hinson, Chief Executive at Willen Hospice said “This is a wonderful addition to the environment here at Willen Hospice and we’d like to thank the Olney Lace Circle for all the incredible hard work and wonderful creativity that has gone into creating the picture.

"We’re sure patients and visitors will be captivated by the piece for many years to come.”