Visual Realms showcases stunning 3D VR experience for Willen Hospice

Visual Realms, a Milton Keynes company who provide 3D virtual tours of spaces, has produced a spectacular 3D scan to create a photo quality online walk through experience of the Willen Hospice building as a kind gesture to support the care provided by the Hospice.

"VR exposes buildings using next generation technology for a virtual tour and walk through," said Iain Row, managing director of Visual Realms.

"It’s brilliant to support the Hospice and create an exciting VR scan which will allow them to enhance perceptions, and allow patients and their loved ones to view the physical environment of the Hospice from the comfort of their own homes."

Dawn Clark, fundraising manager at Willen Hospice added: “It’s fantastic to work with Visual Realms and we would like to offer a massive thank you to them for their support in helping create this incredible online resource for our community”.

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