Countdown to Pantomime at Milton Keynes Theatre: Christmas with Kev Orkian

Christmas is coming, and Milton Keynes will be getting the best present of all - the biggest and sparkliest pantomime around!
This year, Dick Whittington will be on the stage at MK Theatre, with Stacey Solomon, Kev Orkian and Sam Womack leading the cast of cool.
But when they aren't bringing smiles and festive cheer to MK folks, how will they be spending December 25?
We asked the questions, and they spilled the beans....
This time, Kev Orkian talks Christmas carols, seasonal puddings and erm, Mr Tumble!

The present you hope will be under your Christmas tree on December 25th.
It's all about my twins this year, whatever presents Santa brings will make them happy, and in return will make me smile...although an Apple watch wouldn't go amiss...
How you'll spend Christmas day.
This year I'm spending it at my inlaws house in Willingboro...this will probably be the last time we have Xmas there as they are looking to move closer to us in 2017. OMG!!!!
The essential Christmas programmes that you'll definitely be watching...
I used to watch the classics Jaws, Bond, Goonies, Santa Claus, and Miracle on 34th Street, Love them...however this year its going to be cartoons, Mr Tumble and The Snow Man...Still once the boys go to bed, Sky Planner and I'm in the zone!
Your favourite Christmas carol - and why
Little Donkey, because its the first carol I ever learned, and when I used to sing it, I used to cry at the poor donkey on the dusty road...I know. SAD.
Christmas pudding: A must-do, or a must avoid?!
Must Avoid...I've been really good this year and lost so much weight, the last thing I want to do is put it back on...So definitely a no-no..this year.
And if people have yet to snap up a ticket for Dick Whittington, tell them why they should!
If you haven't bought a ticket for the show already, then you're going to miss out on the magical experience that Milton Keynes produces every year.
I should know, I've been back in MK for the past four years.
The show is full of comedy, music and amazing routines...There's something for everyone.  Don't miss it.

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