Enjoy Cafe L'Arte at Waterstones and Bar Bar Black Sheep in Milton Keynes

Café L’Arté is a a brand new immersive musical set in real time in a real coffee shop, and it is playing at the Waterstones Cafe in intu on Tuesday (May 16).

For five years, Emily has run the shop on her own since losing the love of her life to the Afghanistan conflict.

She has had to shelve plans they shared of starting a theatre company.

One day a customer walks in and asks if he can add his business card to the notice board.

Emily is amused by his job description of ‘Psychic Songwriter’. After initially dismissing such nonsense, she finds, in the next hour and eight songs later, that her life has been changed forever.

Café L’Arté is also playing on Friday (May 19) at Bar Bar Black Sheep in Wolverton.

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