Fourteen years ago, a new play - the first written by MK lady Louise Roche - received its debut at Wolverton's Madcap Theatre. It made the audience laugh.  Lots.  It quickly proved to be quite the slice of cool theatre, and before long Girls Night aired again in the new city...putting bums on every single seat of MK Theatre. There were tours too - five in the UK alone, and a successful off-Broadway stint, and non-stop tours have engaged audiences across the US for the past seven years. South Korea, Australia, New Zealand... some of the other places that have taken Girls Night to their hearts. This Thursday (Oct 30) the wonderfully sassy piece is 'back home' with one special performance in MK, at The Venue in Walton High. Four members of the original Madcap cast will reprise their roles, together with Louise's daughter who will star as the Angel...if you've seen it before, you know the character already.  If not, get booking for this performance! Ticket sales - at £12 and £10 - are likely to be brisk. One cast that has previously performed the work are having a girls night out themselves - coming from Wakefield to see the work played out on our home soil! To book your seat for a memorable evening at The Venue in Walton High, call 01908 677954 or visit