Journey to the Impossible with the help of Stantonbury Theatre

How do you fancy a coming-of-age quest featuring epic songs, cinematic storytelling and hip hop dance?

If you are nodding, you are in luck as Journey to the Impossible, devised by the Little Soldier company & scripted by Matt Harvey, arrives at Stantonbury Theatre on Sunday (Feb 11).

Three kids are in trouble. Well, what do you expect if you knock on the door of an inter-dimensional portal and run away?
By means of bicycles, bandanas and neural space travel, we travel with them on an adventure to the impossible.

We’ll take on intergalactic challenges, we’ll fight invisible forces and we may have to make some sacrifices. But what we’ll discover will be extraordinary and will open the door to new jaw-dropping possibilities.

From the company behind Derailed, the headline show in 2017’s Stantonbury Fun Palace, and inspired by the novels of Jules Verne, Journey to the Impossible is an homage to 80s sci-fi films and timeless adventure stories for all the family.

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