Tiff Stevenson stops off at The Stables this week as part of her current headlining Mad Man tour.

The date on Thursday (Feb 4) follows on from a tour support with Ed Byrne, and a slew of four and five star reviews when Mad Man aired at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

She more than a little bit good, is Tiff, and this comedian, actor and writer will be asking a few questions of you lot, too; 'What makes a person,' for example, and 'Are we being sold our identities?'

We decided to ask Tiff a few of our own questions – she went on track with Total MK.

When did you first think 'Comedy - that's the job for me'

When I was born! I came out with a microphone and a tight 5 on midwifery.  

I caused my mum to laugh so much she needed multiple blood transfusions. 

Which comedian first piqued your interest, and why?

Young influences were Victoria Wood, Billy Connolly, Eddie Murphy, Lily Savage & Joan Rivers.

Victoria Wood encouraged me to write little plays. It wasn't 'till I saw Joan for the first time though, that I realised stand up was a possibility for me.

If you weren't working raising the smiles, what would you be working as?

Writing complex novels, in a remote cabin in the woods. A bit like Misery but I would be both characters. 

Tiff Stevenson 300dpi

What's the best heckle you've ever had?

No heckles are good. I sometimes like chatting to the audience but a heckle is like someone cat calling you in the street.

Tell us about your worst gig so far

It was at a 'University College' and the fact that they didn't seem to know which they were didn't help.

A place called 'Harper Adams University College' . Every comedian has a story about how awful that gig is.

Two Rugby players took their clothes off and tried to get on stage with me.

See...there are no good heckles.

...and the one which still sends shivers for all the right reasons?

I love Leeds & Reading Festival - that tent has a great atmosphere every year without fail.

4,000 people who are up for it. My favourite gig of the year. 

Comedy has changed hugely over the past 50 years - where do you think it will be in another 50 years?

We will be doing it from space stations with a two drink minimum but women will dominate the line ups. 

Are there any subjects which are off limits?

Nothing is off limits, everything is up for grabs, just depends how you approach it.

Just try not to be an awful human being so you can sleep at night.

We've got to finish with a joke, so over to you - but keep it family friendly...anyone could read this

Instant self confidence boost? Look at your boobs in the back of a spoon

For ticket bookings for the Wavendon date visit www.stables.org