Real Ale and Drama Shots 4 with Carabosse Theatre Company

Carabosse Theatre Company, a miscellaneous and eccentric group of creative individuals (that's their own description) are back in play and back in lights this week, with Real Ale and Drama Shots 4.

"Our mission is to produce and create exciting theatre and production projects," they say, and they've done a pretty swell job of it so far.

"As we grow from strength to strength, we aim to emerge as a risk taking and innovative company with a unique style," said a spokesman.

This time around, performances are being staged at St Giles Parish Hall in New Street, Stony Stratford.

Be seated, cabaret style and enjoy make use of the bar and live music (coming atcha courtesy of Da Costa from The Bighead) who will be punctuating the new and fresh theatre work which includes Simon Jay's Blandiman, with sound.
Simon has enjoyed a pretty fabulous stint at the Edinburgh Festival with his one-man show Trumpageddon.  
Equally good things are expected from this delivery...

Other works airing during the performance will look at social media, life and death, the dangers of speaking one's mind, and the dangers of not speaking one's mind.

Prepare yourselves for a show that is deeply dark, fascinatingly funny and naturally, with that Carabosse edge.
Performances are nightly from Tuesday (October 25) through to Saturday (October 29) and as tickets are limited, early booking is a smart move.

Click here to book.