Rendered Retina Theatre are bang on form at Stantonbury Theatre

It has already bagged the Les Enfants Terribles Edinburgh Award, and now Form comes to Stantonbury Theatre for a three day stay - direct from the Edinburgh Festival.

We have all been bored, trapped in monotony.

We have all dreamt of escape.

Our minds construct fantastic worlds to break us out of routine, taking us to our own private paradise. But eventually we have to come back. We always have to come back.
Form is a non-verbal, physical journey of escape and daydreaming, taking the audience on a stunning visual voyage through environments created out of tables, stationary and 20,000 paper balls. Three performers portray office workers happily oppressed by routine – all, that is, except one…

See this acclaimed show by itself, or spend an evening in situ and enjoy A Super Happy Story (About Feeling Super Sad) as well.

Form will be in town between September 7 and 9.  

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